Related Opportunities

We endorse the following for previous students of the program and for students interested in programs similar to Banneker Institute. Each has its own application process and is coordinated by its own staff. Visit their website and view their materials for more information.

The Grad Spark Accelerator Program - CLOSED: April 30, 2017

Deadline: April 30th, 2017

The Grad Spark accelerator program is an online summer mentorship program being designed to provide guidance, strategic support and resources to a cohort of ten (10) students of color in STEM applying to doctoral programs this fall. If accepted you'll get coaching, GRE prep, mentoring, help with applications, and more!

(978) 431-0064

Women in Astronomy IV - CLOSED: April 2, 2017

Women in Astronomy IV - Friday, June 9 – Sunday, June 11
Deadline: April 2, 2017
Available Funding: Travel Grants

Women in Astronomy IV: The Many Faces of Women Astronomers, a conference sponsored by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) and the American Astronomical Society (AAS), with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), will take place June 9 - 11, 2017, following the 2017 AAS Summer Meeting in Austin, Texas. Through extensive use of workshops, panels, and small group discussions, WiA IV will focus on issues that affect a broad spectrum of women in astronomy. It will address the challenges specific to women and what institutions can do to create welcoming, equitable workplaces. Workshops and breakout sessions will be structured with the aim of producing policy white papers, tool kits, and resource lists.

Reference: Lia Corrales -

"I want to personally invite you to attend the Women in Astronomy IV conference that is taking place this summer, June 9-11, in the same venue and just after the Summer AAS meeting in Austin, TX.  I am on the organizing committee and we’ve been working hard to develop a workshop schedule that is intersectional in its approach.
In that vein, I want to encourage more women of color to attend. In particular, we have travel grants available for young scientists (undergrads and grads) from underrepresented groups. So please apply! The deadline is April 2."