What Our Program Offers



Students work alongside faculty and postdoctoral advisors to complete a long-term research project. Each student's project culminates in a 10-minute presentation open to the CfA community, where they apply their research experience, their course material, and their public speaking training.

Professional Training

The program trains students with the practical experience required for them to thrive in their graduate careers. Morning courses are dedicated to instruction on the subjects below.

Computer Skills

UNIX Command Line
Python Programming
Data Analysis
Computational Astronomy
Data Visualization

Astronomy Skills

Order of Magnitude
Thermal Emitters
Stellar Structures
Stellar Scaling Relations
Virial Theorem

Social Justice Education

A major goal of this program is to promote scientific excellence by remedying past exclusions and historical admissions practices. Students immerse themselves in readings relevant to the history of race and racism in the US, the nature of systemic racism, and other issues related to social justice. We believe these are crucial in arming students with the information and confidence they need to carry themselves through graduate school and on to faculty positions in astronomy.