Student Presentations 2017

We invite you to view presenations by the students of the 2017 program.

Clayton Moses Audi: "ALMA Observations on Molecular Gas in the ... Starburst NGC 3256"

Michael Bueno: "Tracing Cold Molecular Gas in Starburst Galaxies"

Quadry Chance: "Water Delivery to Terrestrial Planets"

Daven Cocroft: "Star Formation in Dwarf Galaxies"

Monica Gallegos: "Supernovae in Star Clusters and Their Effects on the Interstellar Medium"

Aylin Garcia Soto: "Using Eclipsing Binaries as Astrophysical Laboratories"

Elizabeth Gutierrez: "Radio Interferometry: Uncovering Hidden Star Formation in our Extreme Galactic Center"

Arcelia Hermosillo Ruiz: "M-Dwarfs as Stellar Companions"

Tenley Hutchinson Smith: "Visibility of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) in the Illustris Simulation"

KeShawn Ivory: "Galactic Archaeology: Storytelling Through Stellar Parameters"

Zachary Murray: "Simulations of Tidally Driven Formation of Binary Planet Systems"

Kiersten Nunes: "Coronal Mass Ejections"

Jennifer Stafford: "Stellar Mass Black Hole Mergers Around Supermassive Black Hole Binaries"

Angela Twum: "The Evolution of the Number of Shells in Elliptical Galaxies Using the Illustris Simulation"

Ashley Walker: "Hydrogen Cyanide in Protoplanetary Disks"