Student Presentations

Each summer's program culminates in a day of student presentations. Students prepare for these presentations beginning in the first week to habituate themselves to skills that promote elocution and effective speaking. Weekly lessons are led by Dr. Aomawa Shields.

Lauren Chambers, Yale University

Juliana Garcia-Mejia, Harvard University

Eden Girma, Harvard University

Hope Pegues, NC State A&T

Kevin Rivera Garcia, University of Puerto Rico

Areli Rojas, Cal Poly Pomona

Guadalupe Tovar, University of Washington

José Flores Velazquez, Cal Poly Pomona

Rachel Gilchrist, Harvard University

Louis Johnson, University of the Pacific

Adrianna Perez, Cal Poly Pomona

Romy Rodríguez Martínez, University of Puerto Rico

Miona Short, University of Wisconsin, Madison